No everyone can afford a brand new house. Not everyone wants one either.

For all their modern qualities, brand new homes often lack the character and quirk of their older cousins. Many homeowners love the history and style of older buildings.

They have original features like wooden beams and stone walls. These are things that you simply won’t find in new homes. However, older properties also come with their downsides.

Thanks to their age, they don’t come with the modern design and build features. They don’t stand up against the heating capabilities of new homes. They don’t have the structural stability or the modern touches. Modern homes are designed to cut down utility bills and reduce the need for maintenance. If you own an older property, don’t fret. With a little work, you can have all of these benefits too. Here’s how you take an old property and bring it into the 21st century.

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Upgrade the insulation – One of the finest features of new properties is their insulation. The walls are specifically built to keep the warmth in and the cold out during the winter. They are designed to breathe and keep the home cool in summer months too.

The sophisticated materials and building process help cut down on heating and energy bills. You can have this sophisticated technology built in to your existing home. It will make a world of difference.

  • Install double glazing – Double glazing is another feature that keeps energy bills down. Much like good insulation, they keep the warmth in. If you live in an older home, you may notice draughts and air creeping in through the windows. Double glazing will eliminate this problem and can be installed fairly cheaply. Double, or triple, glazing will also help keep the noise out. Install double glazing and your home will be quieter.
  • Remove asbestos – Asbestos is a cheap, strong and fire resistant material. For that reason, it found itself in building materials all over the world. It was used in cement and roof tiles throughout homes, schools and workplaces. Unfortunately, it causes serious illness and up to 3,500 deaths a year. The use of asbestos was banned in 1999, but its legacy is still everywhere. Asbestos surveys in Oxford found the substance is still present in many homes and schools. Have an expert review your property and if any traces are found, have it removed.
  • Renewable energy – Modern construction is moving to a place where renewable energy is standard. Many homes are now being built with solar panels or wind turbines. Some use biomass heaters or retain rainwater for additional water use. Most of these features can be bought and installed in your existing property. Of course, they cost a little to install, but save homeowners a lot of money on energy bills.

You don’t have to sacrifice the character and individuality of your older property. Follow these tips and you can have all the modern features of new buildings within your existing home. It’s the best of both worlds!

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How To Bring Your Old Home Into The 21st Century
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